Devenir Pilote de Ligne en empruntant la "petite porte" en France et/ou en Europe.

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Merci pour ce partage d'informations :pekin:
John John indiquait:
En l’occurrence entre 4000 et 5000€ pour un captain, 2 à 3000€ pour un copi, selon expérience, 10 jours OFF par mois, 100€ de per diem / jour et surtout, la grosse différence sur cette opération basée Laval, c'est le contrat français avec tout ce que ça comporte, CRPN, Secu, etc.
Quelques questions :
  • - ce sont des chiffres en Euros. FLY7 n'ayant pas encore de base en France, à ma connaissance, ces chiffres sont issus de l'interne FLY7 ou une estimation de ce qu'ils seront en se basant sur les chiffres de Jetfly ?
    - les per-diem (100 €) sont payés uniquement les jours "ON" quand tu pilotes ou non pour tous les jours "ON", c'est bien ça ?
    - les salaires mentionnés sont en brut j'imagine, mais le montant des per-diem est il un montant brut ou net ?
    - les 10 jours OFF mentionnés dans l'annonce sont pris d'un bloc ? Ou ce pourrait être 10/5/10/5 ? Ou encore d'autres rosters ?
Vincent75, quand tu évoques "salaires en baisse", les fourchette données par John John te semblent cohérentes ou sur-évaluées ? Tu es basé où ?

IFlyUtoTheMoon: tu es basé où ? Le remboursement de la QT se fait sur combien de mois ? Le montant des per-diem c'est le total en fin de mois ? Dans ce cas, avec une valeur moyenne de 700 CHF, cela fait un total de ~4400 CHF soit ~4150 €.

On dit souvent que le coût de la vie et donc les salaires sont plus élevés en Suisse qu'en France. Quelqu'un pour confirmer/infirmer, et donner un ordre de grandeur de la différence du cout de la vie par exemple ?

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Message par IFlyUtoTheMoon »

J'ai donné des valeurs en NET après ça depend de son foyer, j'ai donc retiré 8,5%
Le remboursement peut être négocié
C'est pas "fou" comme salaire Suisse, au McDo tu gagnes 3k

et un pote qui est contrôleur dans les trains est a 5k

juste pour donner un visuel

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Savez-vous aussi quels sont les conditions pour leurs opérations PC12 Cargo basé au Luxembourg? (Job du lundi au vendredi. Pas de vols le week-end…)

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Message par tnt37 »

Quelqu'un à des updates / infos sur Jetly/Fly7 et leurs operations PAX à Laval et Cargo au Luxembourg?

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Message par IFlyUtoTheMoon »

https://tuijobsuk.co.uk/job2/16061-en_G ... ine-Pilot-

Join TUI, the Leisure Airline of Choice, as a First/Second Officer and you’ll provide a safe and enjoyable in flight experience for all our customers. It’s an important part of our culture that we all contribute to ensuring our customers’ expectations are not only met, but exceeded. We see the journey as part of our customer’s holiday; we expect our Pilots to embrace the customer focused culture and go the extra smile to ensure our cabin service is the envy of our competitors.

This role is full time during the summer (May-October) and part time (50%) during the winter (November-April).

How You Will Make An Impact

There are many ways for you to get involved:

You’ll operate as a First/Second Officer (depending on experience) on either the B737 or the B737/787
A proven ability to make the right decision in any given scenario and excellent customer service skills
You’ll have a genuine passion for aviation with a clear understanding of the TUI strategy and values (Trusted, Unique, Inspiring)
You’ll demonstrate a desire to deliver a great experience for our customers on every flight and ensure everyone sees us as the Best-Loved Holiday Company

What You Will Bring

As this is a specialist/technical role – Here are some of the requirements:

EASA ATPL/CPL with ATPL theory credits with current IR. If your licence is issued by a non-UK state, be willing and able to transfer to a UK issued EASA licence prior to joining TUI (at your own cost)
A current EASA Class 1 medical. If your medical records are not held by the UK CAA, be willing and able to transfer your medical records to the UK CAA to permit the issue to a UK issued EASA licence (at your own cost)
Have a minimum of 500 hours flying hours
Previous commercial 'non-Airline' experience (i.e. but not limited to - flight instructing, bush flying, survey work, air taxi)
Have completed an MCC course (as per FCL.735.A)
Have completed Advanced Upset recivery Training (as per FCL.745.A)
Hold a valid 10 year UK or EU passport that permits worldwide travel freely to the destinations we fly to
Eligible to live and work indefinitely in the UK without additional approvals
Travelling time from place of residence to home base must not exceed 60 minutes in the UK
At least 1.58m tall and able to swim 25 meters

TUI and You

Competitive salary and bonus scheme
Pension scheme with current employer contributions of 10%
Private medical insurance
Option to buy discounted TUI Shares
Generous holiday discounts
Excellent foreign exchange rates

Finer Details

You’ll initially be frozen on type for 36 months, after which you can bid for other aircraft types
This is a permanent part year part time position based in the UK. This means full time working during the summer (May-October) and part time in the winter. Positions are available on our B737 fleet.
Positions at regional bases will be B737 only and positions at B787 bases (Birmingham, Gatwick and Manchester) will be dual B737/787
Your fleet will be determined by business and operational requirements, should you be successful, this will be discussed at the point we make an offer of employment
As it will be necessary for you to complete a full Type Rating course, a contribution towards the cost of your training will be deducted from your salary. This will equate to £7,000 per annum for the first 3 years of employment and will be deducted from your salary in 36 equal monthly instalments.

If your application is progressed, you’ll be invited to attend an assessment centre at our TUI Training Centre in East Midlands (England, UK). Should you meet our requirements, you will be invited to complete a simulator assessment. If successful, you'll be placed in our Pilot Talent Pool until a position becomes available. To be open and transparent, you may remain in our Pilot Talent Pool for a number of months.

Our Pilot requirements continuously change throughout the year and whilst we endeavour to make a formal offer of employment to all Talent Pool candidates; we want to let you know that in some instances, this may not always be possible due to changes in our recruitment requirements. If you’re placed in the Talent Pool, your application will be kept on-hold for a maximum of 12 months. Should you be offered a position and then decline, there is no guarantee of an alternative position being offered. If you have any queries, please email: TUI.Pilot.Recruitment@tui.co.uk

TUI is the UK’s largest tour operator, our key brands include TUI, First Choice, Marella Cruises and Crystal Ski Holidays. Our airline is the country's third largest with 62 aircraft operating to over 88 destinations in 30 countries. We have a team of more than 10,000 employees serving over 6 million customers each year. We’re on a journey towards a more digital, connected and integrated future. But we haven’t arrived there yet. We believe that differences drive innovation and we’re encouraging an environment where diverse talent thrives and it’s our unique colleagues that will shape the future of travel.

If you want to know more about why TUI Group is the world’s leading tourism group, and our continuing work in the diversity & inclusion space, simply visit careers.tuigroup.com

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Re: TAF !

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Annonce peu courante et assez sélective, mais qui sait...

Virgin Galactic recrute des DEC NTR:

https://www.aviationjobs.me/jobs/spaces ... lactic-us/
Je n'ai rien à voir avec le Fiverings de paroledegaulois.com ou Rcocobis.

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Re: TAF !

Message par Pilot79 »

PNC, préparez-vous pour la mise en orbite SVP...

Peu courant mais j'adore l'idée :D
Prépa KD 2021 in progress...

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